Maine Coons’ Cattery
TANKRAISING welcomes you!
We are located in the Far East of the Russian Federation in the city
of Khabarovsk. TANKRISING cattery was founded in 2017 and
registered by the World Cat Federation
(WCF- reg. no. 14 689−2017/170 200. RU).
(WCF — reg. no. 14 689−2017RU).
The main aim of our cattery is at improving breeding qualities of Maine Coons and getting purebred, healthy and large representatives of this breed.
Our breeders being genetically tested, which is an indicator of the absence of specific genetic diseases that could affect the health of future offspring.
Our website can get you acquainted with a unique representative of the Maine Coon breed "Gipsy King Summerplace" brought from one of the largest European Main Coons' cattery of the world. If you decide to buy a Maine Coon kitten, we will be happy to introduce you to our pets, which will please you with an interesting color, huge size and true Coon character!

Yours sincerely, cattery "TANKRAISING"
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    Khabarovsk city, 680051
    phone.: +7 914 182 48 48 (whatsapp, viber) Tatyana