Maine Coon is a popular cat breed that has won fans all over the world for its charismatic appearance and impressive size. Even ordinary people having no idea what breeds are can easily distinguish the Maine Coon from other cats, thanks to their outstanding appearance. Maine Coon proudly bears the title of fluffy giant.
Maine Coon is native to North America. The beauty of this native cat breed created by nature itself. The breed got its name from the state of Maine, in the North-Eastern United States. The second part of the breeds’ name - “Coon” been derived from the abbreviation of the word “raccoon”.
The first official club established in 1953.In 1968, cat lovers formed the first Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association / MCBFA.
Maine Coons significantly focused on communicating with people, but they are quite independent at the same time. Maine Coon cats do not require constant attention, but they like to be close to their owners and observe everything that happens around.
The breed itself is kind and affectionate however, it adores personal space. It will gladly accept master’s caresses as long as it likes it. If Main Coon is not disposed to communicate, it is better not to disturb it. Coon will leave you anyway to do things it interested in right here right now.
Coons’ nature is gentle and calm. They usually get along well with children and dogs, as long as with other cats.
Maine Coons rarely climb up, preferring to stand firmly on the ground. Maine Coon has preserved the genetic memory of the life of their ancestors in harsh natural conditions. Their past life habits are shown in their nowadays habits. For example, the Maine Coon likes to play with water. Before you start drinking, the Maine Coon can move it paw over the water, then scoops it up with its paw and licks it. The origin of this unusual habit lies in the past when it was necessary to "dig out" a puddle of branches and leaves in order to scoop up life-giving moisture with a paw. The Maine Coon also likes to bathe its toys in water. The water love been preserved on genetic level from ship cats, which spent a lot of time on long voyages and got used to the sea.
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